MCN's Minnesota Budget Project is a non-partisan research and advocacy initiative of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits to promote solutions so that all Minnesotans have access to opportunity and economic well-being.

Established nearly 20 years ago, the Minnesota Budget Project pursues four long-term goals for Minnesota through research, advocacy, and strategic communications:

  • A fair tax system that raises enough revenue to sustainably fund our priorities as a state;
  • Investment in public services that expand opportunity and improve the economic well-being of lower-income Minnesotans;
  • Policies that help Minnesotans succeed in the workplace and the marketplace so that economic security and opportunity is available to all; and
  • A sound budget process characterized by sustainable budget choices, the absence of arbitrary spending caps and formulas, and meaningful opportunities for participation.

For regular updates, check out the Minnesota Budget Project's Budget Bites blog!