Minnesota Council of Nonprofit's WOrk on federal policy to advances a culture of active advocacy among all nonprofits.

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) and each of our 2100 members across Minnesota make up a community that together works towards a thriving future.

We know we must engage with our governmental partners to cultivate strong, joyful communities. We know we are powerful together. This website is dedicated to information, engagement, and tools for nonprofits to successfully advocate at the federal level. 



Budget, Taxes, Healthcare, and Census

Learn how decisions around the federal budget, taxes, healthcare, and the census impact nonprofit work every day. 

Use Our Voice!

Advocating at the federal level can feel a little different than at the state level. Find tips for engaging with members of Congress.

Learn together!

Find charts, visuals, and other tools designed to help understand process and timing on everything from Budget 101 to sequestration.